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Flea Market

A flea market is a place for selling and exchanging interesting, useful and inexpensive things. Here you can find things used for marijuana cultivation. 
Flea markets are popular places in every country: people like hunting for some rare antiques or cheap items at flea markets. Our JahForum online flea market makes shopping easy and fun. You can find something useful, buy and sell marijuana-related things.

Jahforum Flea Market

Many growers have different used equipment or items that they no longer need. Those items are stored somewhere collecting dust and rusting on the shelves. A flea market can give a new life to old things. You can sell or exchange unwanted things on the market and earn some money. Growers can find and buy parts or units for a hydroponic system, timers, lamps, grow box at our flea market. Our flea market is an excellent place for communicating, selling and buying everything related to cannabis.
Our flea market is an opportunity to build a friendship with like-minded people. You can always ask questions and get comprehensive answers. You can sell something of your own and buy some useful item. Buying new parts of hydroponic systems, timers, and thermometers can be very expensive. Buying used parts at the flea market can save you a lot of money because it is a great opportunity to get all the necessary tools for a reasonable price. You can learn more about installation and DIY tricks.  
Our flea market is created for buying and selling things for growing marijuana. You can buy items and tools at a great price! Here you can negotiate with the seller and buy the item at the minimal price. Here you can have fun, chat with other forum members, get advice and make new friends.

If you never sold anything in your entire life you can ask for advice from other members in this section. There are many professional growers who are successful sellers. Many sellers post photos of the items for sale. It helps to attract buyers and evaluate the condition of the item. If you want to have fun, then visit our flea market!

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  1. Cannabis Seeds

    Section for sale of all types of cannabis seeds

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  2. Lighting

    Section for sale of all types of lamps ( SVL(LPS/HPS), LED, ESL, MHL, etc.), accessories, kits, reflectors. 

    Growers dream about strong and healthy cannabis bushes covered with delicious buds. You need to care for your plants and to give them high-quality light. There are so many ready-made and DIY lighting systems for cannabis. Some growers re-puzzled by so many options. 

    It is well known that light is the main factor for the successful development of cannabis plants. They need light for photosynthesis! They need different light regimes for flowering. They need light for forming the cones and ripening of the buds. 
    You can buy lighting systems for marijuana online. When you order expensive equipment, you should carefully review all parameters. Improperly selected lamps can damage and burn your plants. 

    If you don’t know how to choose lamps for marijuana, you should check out advice and recommendations at JahForum. 

    Reports on marijuana cultivation include advice and recommendation on lighting. Our experienced growers are generous with their practical advice. 

    Cannabis plants need certain spectra of light at each stage of life but it does not mean that you need to change lamps. You need to find proper light if you grow indoor. You can ask for advice at the forum and read about other people experience in buying lamps.

    What lamps are good for cannabis?

    It is sometimes difficult to figure out exactly what kind of lamps you need. Read reviews and reports about lamps to make the right choice. Cannabis plants need light, fertilizers and water. You can read more about fertilizers for cannabis at Jahforum. You will find descriptions of the fertilizers for different varieties. 

    Cannabis cultivation is true art: you need talent, skills and knowledge. You also need hard work and you will grow beautiful and healthy plants.  If you need information on lighting for cannabis, read our forum. 

    There are so many products for sale at our Jahforum. It is difficult for a beginner to figure out the parts and equipment you need. If you need more tips on how to sell and buy cannabis seeds, items equipment and get recommendations.

    There are many options for lamps and light fixtures for indoor cannabis cultivation. Cannabis goes through several stages of development. If you need to choose lamps for cannabis, read the appropriate section of Jahforum.

    Cannabis plants need high-quality lighting for growth and development. If you use green tent grow box, you definitely need to build a lighting system. In this section read the stories and reports on light for marijuana indoors. 

    Modern market offers a variety of fertilizers for plants, but not all fertilizers can be used for cannabis. Experienced growers share their recommendations in the section of the forum devoted to cannabis fertilizers. Some of our members are magicians: they make and sell their own fertilizers. You will get not only strong and healthy plants if you learn from the experience of our best growers.

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  3. Filters and Ventilation

    Here you can sell and buy filters, duct fans, and other parts for the ventilation system. 
    There are many innovative methods of indoor cannabis cultivation and many ways to increase the productivity of the plants. However, each method requires some investment in equipment. If you want to learn more about equipment for cannabis cultivation, read this section. You can ask questions, and get advice on how to solve problems with filters and ventilation. 
    You need to provide your cannabis plants with basic things for growth and development. If the plants are lacking some elements, their green color starts changing. In this section you can read about the best fertilizer for marijuana during flowering. 
    Incorrect light in the grow box can ruin your harvest because your lamps can be too hot or they can be of the wrong spectrum. The lighting system in the indoor cannabis cultivation is a hot topic. How to choose sodium lamps for cannabis and what spectrum to choose? You can learn the answers from this section.
    Many growers share their experience with grow tents. They either buy the grow tents from the store or make them by themselves. Before you buy a grow tents for cannabis, you just need to read and learn more about models and materials.

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  4. Hydroponics

    Here you can buy parts for hydroponic systems

    Модерируется: RISEWEED
  5. Mushroom Spores

    Here you can sell and buy all types of mushroom spores 

    In this section you can buy and sell marijuana and any items related. Do you need to buy lamps, fertilizers or parts for an irrigation system? Tips from experienced experts and professionals will help you make the right choice. Experts recommendations will help to optimize the process of cannabis cultivation so you achieve the highest results.
    Today, many cannabis seed banks offer their products on the market. They are all different, some specialize in varieties, some specialize in regional characteristics, and some specialize in breeding. We recommend you read the reviews of cannabis seeds from different producers before you choose the variety of cannabis seeds. 

    Do you want to sell or buy marijuana-related products? Check out our sale of ganja cannabis market section.  We created a market platform where you can find items and seeds at the affordable price and sell something. Before you proceed, read the rules.  
    Communication is useful because it is about the exchange of information and inspiration. We invite you to discuss cannabis as your favorite hobby. You can share your cannabis stories with other Jahforum growers in this section.

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  6. Boxes, Tents and Greenhouses

    Sell and buy all types of grow boxes
    Sometimes it is hard to find and buy perfect equipment for cannabis cultivation. That is why we created this section where you can buy and sell cannabis related items. Sellers can post photos of the items for sale with a short description. You will find many interesting and tempting offers.
    Cannabis cultivation requires discipline and management. To make your life easier, we recommend buying ready-made growing boxes for marijuana because they create ideal conditions for the plants. 
    Growing marijuana also requires some skills and expertise. Grower needs to monitor the condition of the plants, protect them from insects, infection and mold. Experienced growers know that pH level of the soil is important for cannabis. In this section you can buy pH for marijuana needed for the maximum performance.
    There are so many innovative and modern ways of cultivation that simplify the process making it more efficient. Read this section to learn more. What is marijuana hydroponics? How to optimize cultivation? What fertilizers to use?

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  7. Fertilizers

    Sell and buy fertilizers, boosters and other things

    Are you interested in buying and selling marijuana product? You should check out this section of our site. All our members can find new and used items at an affordable price or sell something. Our platform gives you a unique opportunity to purchase products and items at the best price. We hope that this section will be especially interesting for the growers. 
    Many growers want to mix their own fertilizers and boosters for marijuana. They know that the plants need different fertilizers at different stages of life or they know that the soil for cultivation might lack required minerals. In this section, you can learn how to make marijuana fertilizer for your plants. 

    If you do not know the answer to your question, then we invite you to read recommendations on growing cannabis from professionals. Here you can ask any questions about marijuana and get detailed answers. 
    Both beginners and experienced gardeners are puzzled when choosing the soil for the marijuana cultivation. In this section, you can read about the types of soil for cannabis cultivation.  Read about different indexes and indicators so you can make the right choice and buy perfect soil.

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  8. Measuring Equipment

    Selling and buying pH, TDS meters, timers, microscopes and other equipment

    We invite you to visit this section if you are looking for any measuring equipment for cannabis cultivation. Here you can buy and sell items for growing marijuana. Smart equipment will greatly facilitate your efforts of professional growers. You can find many interesting offers at an attractive price.
    Some growers have extra seeds, tools and devices that he does not use anymore. We invite you to sell or exchange extra items in this section. You can also exchange cannabis seeds with others. It is a perfect place for sharing and exchanging cannabis seeds. 
    Lighting for cannabis is a difficult question. Growers need to build a lighting system in the grow box if they want to achieve the results. We invite you to sell lamps and lighting items for marijuana. If you do not have enough experience and cannot find the right lighting for the growing box, you can search for the answer in this section.
    To make mistakes is human so growers can make unforgivable mistakes: especially when choosing a cannabis planting date. If you want to choose the perfect date, we recommend you read the calendar for cannabis cultivation. Use our calendar and choose a perfect date to start your growing season.

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  9. Bongs, Tubes and Vaporizers

    Sell and buy smoking accessories, lighters, hubcaps, bongos, pipes, vaporizers.

    If you need information how to sell and buy cannabis products, visit this section. The world of marijuana is diverse: if you are a beginner, you need recommendations to navigate it. No everyone understands terminology, culture and variety of options. Here you can ask for help from an experienced friend.

    If you want in a company that requires medical drug testing, you might need to learn about the ways of removing marijuana traces from your body.  There are so many methods but not all of them are reliable and safe. Some of them are ineffective and s dangerous. In this section, you can learn what you really need to do in order to pass the drug test.

    Growers need to understand and take care of safety issues when growing marijuana. In this section you can read how to grow marijuana safely. You will definitely find interesting topics and discussions in this section. If you cannot find the information you need, then you can consult with other forum members.

    If you like experiments, you should discuss new cannabis varieties in this section. Here beginners and experienced growers can discuss their progress, share photos, share advice and recommendations.

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  10. Handmade

    Handmade items 

    In this section you can sell and buy products for marijuana cultivation. Some growers are pressed for time and they cannot make things with their hands. Here you can sell and buy things that can make your work more productive and easy. In this section, you can buy and sell various parts and devices necessary for growing cannabis at an affordable price. 

    Newbie and experienced growers are puzzled when choosing and buying marijuana seeds. Our marketplace for buying cannabis is created for you. We help you to navigate the road to maximum results in indoor and outdoor cannabis growing. Here you will find the highest quality cannabis seeds from laboratories of the best seed banks. 
    Cannabis cultivation is more than a hobby for most growers. Many cannabis fans collect various cannabis-themed items (cups, lighters, T-shirts), rare seeds, smoking devices (bongos, grinders, paper). Collecting is an exciting hobby that you can show off. We invite you to share your achievements and share photos of your collection in this section.  

    Everybody knows that cannabis is used for recreational or medical purposes. More and more people learn about the gastronomic potential of cannabis: you can prepare delicious and healthy edible food products from cannabis. Some people make various unique little things of dried leaves and stems. In this section you can purchase exclusive cannabis decoration items.

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  11. Cannabis Products

    Модерируется: RISEWEED
  12. Miscellaneous

    Sell and buy miscellaneous cannabis products.  

    Buying and selling different items, parts and devices for cannabis cultivation is important if you want to keep up with technological progress. There are so many new ways, techniques and methods requiring the purchase of additional equipment, tools and accessories. If you want to find out more about the latest innovations, you can always find answers to all your questions in this section.
    Many growers accumulate an impressive collection of seeds and they want to sell, exchange or share the seed with forum members. As you know the long-term seed storage is problematic because it reduces germination rates.  Do not store your seeds when you can build up your collection with new varieties when you exchange cannabis seeds in this section. Sharing and exchange is a great opportunity to meet new friends and spread joy and happiness. 
    You need reflectors for an effective high-quality lighting system for cannabis if you want to save on electric bill. In this section, you can buy and sell reflectors for marijuana and optimize your lighting and save money. 
    All growers want to get the highest harvest with minimal investment. We recommend using boosters and stimulants to support excellent health of your plants. Cannabis boosters are the required element of the success.

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  13. For Free

    Free seeds, equipment, donations, free help

    If you are interested in buying and selling marijuana, then check out this section. You can find many items, devices, tools and accessories for cannabis cultivation. Are you interested in seeds or equipment parts?  You will find everything here.
    Cannabis is a strong and resilient plant. At each stage of life, the plant requires certain fertilizers. In this section you can sell fertilizer for marijuana.  You can find recommendations for fertilizer for maximum productive potential.
    Many growers have collections of seeds and even seedlings and they want to exchange for new varieties. We have created this section of the forum so you can communicate and exchange cannabis seeds. It is a great opportunity to find rare and high-quality cannabis seeds.
    The proper lighting for cannabis plants is very important for success. Cannabis can’t develop and grow without light. In this section, you can learn about the best lamps for cannabis, how to protect your plants from overheating, and how to read the spectrum characteristic of lamps.

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  14. Job Offers

    This section contains job offers

    Are you interested in selling or buying any cannabis products? Here you can find interesting information on the topic. Our expert members can help you to choose the lighting for your grow box, organize the irrigation system, and choose the best fertilizer. You can also find here where to find a particular product.
    There are so many online cannabis stores and seed banks but it is difficult to understand the wide range of diversity. Even the same varieties from different manufacturers have different characteristics. If you need advice and recommendations, study the sections of our forum so you can make the right choice after reading reviews. 

    Is it possible to grow cannabis in the garden?  Many newbies ask the same questions. Read the section of our forum and find out how to organize the cultivation, how to find a place, what equipment and tools you need. If you have more additional questions, ask in this section.
    Our expert members are generous and want to share their experience. Learning from the best is a great opportunity. In this section, you can read the detailed reports of marijuana cultivation. Do not make your own mistakes and use advice and recommendations from the experts and experienced growers.

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  15. Exchange

    This section is for exchanges 

    Many growers have extra tools, items, seeds, lamps, equipment parts and appliances, they do not use anymore. You can sell and exchange items at our flea market. Many people are looking for the opportunity to clean their storage rooms but they do not want to through items in the garbage. Flea market or exchange gives you an opportunity to save money and meet interesting people.
    The choice of lighting lamps for cannabis is not an easy task. If you grow in the small grow boxes or tents, you face the problem of temperature control and overheating. Heat and high temperature can cause irreparable damage to your plants causing burnt leaves. High-quality cooling equipment can easily solve such problems. If you do not know where to buy cool tubes for cannabis, visit a relevant section of the forum.
    We are happy to find out that the experts in the laboratories create new boosters and stimulants. They simplify and increase the efficiency of marijuana cultivation. In this section, you can buy and sell cannabis boosters and stimulants. Use them to grow strong and healthy plants for high yield of delicious buds and cones.   
    Smoking marijuana is an artistic process so marijuana users like special smoking devices to make smoking a special ritual. In this section you can sell and buy smoking accessories for marijuana.

    Модерируется: kriss, RISEWEED
  16. Flea Market Administration

    Market Section, description, questions and requests from the flea market moderators

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