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Recommended Temperature in the Grow Box

The daytime temperature should be

21-27C (70-80F) with CO2 enrichment (well-ventilated box),

27-32C (80-90F) with CO2 enrichment (well-ventilated box)

Night temperature should be kept above 16 С (60F)

Avoid temperature fluctuations/ if one night is 16 ° C (60 ° F) and the other 24 ° C (75 ° F), then stress is already possible. Monitor day and night temperatures during the entire growing cycle.


As a rule, cannabis does not like too much water. Yes, it needs water to grow but if you overwater your plants, they will die. If your plants lose more leaves than usual, it can be because of too much watering. Sometimes, too much water can cause mold.

You should know the rule: the longer the daylight hours or artificial light- the more water plants need. When the soil is 5-6 cm dry - it's time to water. Small plants in large containers can be watered once a week, or small containers need daily watering.

To figure out the right time for watering, use the following method. Take a container of the same size and fill it with fresh soil. Use itas an indicator to get an idea of the condition of the soil.Plants add some weight to the containers, but you can figure out when the soil is dry and it is good time for watering. If the container is heavy, that it does not need water. Try this methods several times, soit becomes your "second nature". After a few weeks, you do not need to check a sample pot. Your plants will grow better if you water them in a right way and at the right time.


After you plant the seeds, water the soil well and than do not water for 4 days. Remember that seedlings should be watered very carefully because they can easily break. In general, it is better to buy a special watering can and use it, so that the water does not wash away the soil and disturb the roots.

We do not recommend overwatering your plants during the flowering stage. It helps to grow better harvest of marijuana. During flowering, wateryour plants less: one day later than usual.

We recommend keeping tap water for several days in an open container before use. Tap water contains chlorine and reduces the ph. You can balance by addinga somecalcium (egg shell). Rainwater is the best option because it contains natural nitrogen and other elements.

If you grow cannabis indoors, your plants may get weak because they are not exposed to rain and wind. You can give them a "shower" from the spray gun.

Humidity in the Grow Box

We recommend keeping high humidity for the first two weeks after germination of the seeds. Low humidity can kill young plants.To increase humidity, put an open water container in the growbox.

During the vegetative stage keep humidity at 40-50% until the end of the second week of flowering, than lowerit to a minimum. Your plants will produce more oil. High humidity during flowering stage can cause serious problems such as rotting plants, rotting roots, and even mold.


Size of Containers

Obviously, if you want to grow tall and big plants you need bigger containers. You need to pay attention to the roots and see if they have enough space to grow. The harvest directly depends on the roots. Simply, the more roots, the bigger harvest. Always use good containers for your plants.


Soil for cannabis

We recommend keep the soil moderately dry: do not overwater. Choose soil that keeps moisture: usually you can read it on the packaging. Heavy and dense soil can damage the roots of the plant, because they need air for breathing.  Dry soil will dehydrate your plants: so you need to water them more often. Do not buy too heavy or light soil. The soil should be of medium density.

There are many different options. Marijuana can be grown in most of soils. Also, there are artificial substrates called perlite and vermiculite. They can be added to the main soil for drainage.

The basic rule: 1 gallon (3.78 liters) of soil per one plant.


Sandy soil is much better for growing than pure sand. The problem of sandy soil is that it does not retain water and looses minerals. It is very dry and not very suitable for cannabis cultivation. You can add some sand to the soil if it is too heavy. A mixture will retain mineralsand water. Sand can be added to the soil to improve drainage.


Clay is coarse-grained soil consisting of hydrated silicates. It is good for molding when water is added. Marijuana does not grow well in pure clay soil.

Fertile soil: clay and sand with humus

As you understand, fertile soil is a mixture of the above-described materials. The mixture is always indicated on the package. All potting soils contain sand, clay, and humus. It is fertile soil and is recommended for use. Do not use natural soil indoors because it may contain the larvae of beetles and parasites. Always buy ready-made sterile soils in flower shops.


Humus is the organic component of the soil formed by the decomposition of plants. It can be bought at any flower shop. Do not be surprised if find a worm or a fly in a package. Humus is sometimes known as compost. Compost is the final mixture of manure (of organic origin), fertile soil and other organic additives. Humus is organic fertilizer.

Soil acidity (pH)

pHis an indicator of acidity of the soil. 

The pH levels: 0 - minimum (acid), 14 - maximum (alkali). 

To grow cannabis must be completely neutral, pH - 7.0.

We recommend buying the soil in the store. Check the pH level on the package: it should be 7.0.

We recommend soil "Garden of Wonders for Roses" and "Soil Palm Trees." 

When you use acidic soil (pH lower than 5.8), most plants will develop slowly). 

During vegetative stage, the symptoms will go away.

In soil with PH = 6.5-7.0 seedlings already after 1-2 weeks enter into vegetation without symptoms.

Use of fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium lowers pH. To raise the pH of the acidic soil, you can use crushed eggshells. Calcium can be used to increase the pH.

You can measure the pH with litmus paper. You can also buy an electronic pH-meter.


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