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JahForum Grow Contest

Do you have a green thumb? Do you grow cannabis with amazing results? You know that growing is not an easy occupation. You know that small mistakes can significantly reduce the yield. Read this section to learn about firsthand experience of you peers, about effective organization of the process of cultivating marijuana, about mistakes and challenges you may encounter.

Reports of experienced and beginner growers

Cultivation of cannabis requires skills, knowledge and expertise. It also requires love and patience. In our country marijuana is not yet legalized so you have to take care of safety and security of your plants. Many beginners fail because they have no experience and nobody to ask for advice and help.  Read our section of reports on growing cannabis form experienced growers. It is a great opportunity to fill in some gaps in your knowledge. You will learn some tips on how to increase productivity, how to organize the process, how to protect plants from infections.  

Grower’s Journals

Many experienced growers have a habit of recording their observations, tricks and life hacks. Unfortunately, until marijuana is legalized, they cannot publish their journals and share expertise. Online forum offer a wonderful alternative for publishing and sharing such advice. 
If you grow cannabis for years and you want to support and encourage newbies, share you recommendations and publish your journals. Do you have interesting or instructive stories about growing marijuana? Please, share your stories with the forum users. We can make this section a library of knowledge if you share your reports and journals. 
You can also communicate with other growers here and find common interests. The cannabis community is very friendly and supportive. We want to spread happiness and freedom. 
Post your photos, journals, and observations on cannabis growing in this section. You can show off your achievements or ask for advice. After all, a good advice can be more valuable than money. 

Tips for growing marijuana

In this section you will find the most interesting reports on the cultivation of marijuana. It will build up your knowledge and expertise. Here you will find information on how to boost flowering, how to feed plants during the vegetative stage, how to prevent parasites or infections. The section includes grower reports that will help you to solve many problems and grow excellent crop. Read real reports from experts sharing their i experience and knowledge.




  1. Best JahForum Reports

    No doubt, you can find a lot of information about the cultivation of marijuana online. However, theoretical knowledge does not translate well in practice and things can go wrong. We created this section with the best reports on the cultivation of cannabis. Read real reports and learn from other members of our forum. You will become more successful and experienced grower. Some reports are interesting and funny. This section of Jahforum offers the best reports about cannabis growing useful information for beginners, experts and other categories of growers. 

    Unfortunately, until marijuana is legalized in our country, the enthusiasts are forced to hide their hobby. They cannot openly and publicly discuss the topic of cannabis. If you do not have friends or peers with the common interest in cannabis, join our friendly online community.  

    Top Forum Reports

    This section includes the best growers reports. They generously share their advice and recommendations. Read this section to learn about fertilizers, growing methods, germination rates, cloning and other things. If you want to share your report, post it in section. 
    The reports of success can encourage and inspire other growers. Share your practical growing experience with other growers. Discuss your progress with colleagues and you will reach a new level and achieve better results.

    Grow Reports 

    If you are a beginner you want to read grow reports about LED lamps, fertilizers, ventilation, watering and other issues of indoor cultivation. Read this section devoted to the reports from experienced growers. You will find many interesting reports with photos and advice.

    Do you agree that it is better to learn from the mistakes of others? Reading about somebody else experience can help you to avoid many problems. We recommend you to read special magazines on the topic of marijuana and read specialized forums where experienced growers share their experience and results. 

    Many proud growers want to show off their achievements and share photos with forum friends. If you want to tell stories of success, they want to warn about challenges, so we invite you to post your cannabis reports in this section of the site. Read more interesting reports from our forum users. 

    Lighting is a problem for many growers. How to choose the right LED lamps for greenhouses and grow boxes? LED lamps deliver excellent results and help you to save money. Read more grow reports on LED lamps to make the right choice.

    Every grower knows that how beginning is difficult and support is important. In this section you can find marijuana reports from beginners and give them advice on how to improve their methods.  

    Do you grow some new varieties of cannabis?  Do you want to share your results with peers and friends? In this section read and share your reports on cultivation of new varieties and show off your results. Share detailed descriptions of the process and ask for advice if you need it.

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  2. Newbies Reports

    First Experience Reports on Growing Cannabis

    If you are a new grower and if you just started learning about cannabis cultivation, try to follow three basic rules: water, light and fertilizing.  

    If you are a beginner, share your exciting journey. You can share your story with experienced growers and find support and encouragement. You can ask cannabis enthusiasts for advice. Many users of our Forum have decades of experience. Everybody was a beginner at some point and then continued to develop and accumulate experience and skills. Everybody remembers his or her first time because the first harvest was the sweetest. We love reading beginners' stories about their cannabis growing. Share your emotions, your observations, your questions and we will help you. 
    This section includes the most interesting reports of newbies: they are exciting and funny. Do you remember your first cannabis plants? Do you want to share your story with us? If you a beginner, you should create your own report and document the progress. 
    New growers can share their stories and inspire more people to join the friendly community of cannabis lovers. If you need advice, friendly support or recommendations, post your report in this section.

    Communication with peers helps you to develop your skills. New members of our community need support and advice but they cannot find it in real life. Online discussion boards and forums like ours are very helpful because they bring people together and give them opportunity to communicate. 
    Cannabis growers have to be discreet because it is not legal in our country. Do not reveal your secret to your friends and neighbors if you do not know their view on legalizing marijuana. Online forum with stories from real people is a great opportunity to build the community of marijuana supporters. 
    Beginners are especially interested in reports on marijuana from experienced growers because they can learn valuable advice about proper care for cannabis plants. Also, such reports help beginners to understand different varieties, hybrids, and subtypes of cannabis. Forum discussion is a great opportunity to find friends. You can share advice, you can ask a question, you can read a report, you can express your opinion without any fear.  

    Stories from newbies and experienced growers

    Every grower has exciting, funny or sad story about cannabis growing.  Share your unique story in this section and read stories of other people here. You can also join discussions and express your thoughts.  
    Ever grower needs to know how to choose and where to buy cannabis seeds and what varieties and brands to choose. In this section, we invite you to share reports on new sorts of marijuana. Your experience may allow other growers to understand how to handle new seeds. 

    Unfortunately, there isn't such thing as beginners luck in cannabis cultivation. Everybody suffers mistakes and even failures. In this section, you can ask questions about cultivation process and perhaps experienced growers will offer you a solution to the problem.
    Due to the illegal status of cannabis people cannot reveal their hobby and discuss it freely with like-minded people in real life.  Everybody has interesting stories about their experience in growing marijuana. In this section share your best stories about marijuana.

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  3. Reports Outdoor


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  4. Reports

    Growing cannabis outside can bring high results. Some people might think it is easy: all you need is to put seeds into the soil, water and wait for the harvest. However, the reports from our forum members show the growing process is not so simple.
    To achieve excellent results, you need knowledge; practical skills and desire. Read the recent report from our members describing their growing experience. Share your own report about cannabis cultivation and attach photos. Your detailed reports can tell a lot about weather conditions, methods, fertilizers, and watering.  

    Read the reports of your fellow forum members in this section and use their experience!  
    Experienced growers often keep growing journals where they record their system. You can learn a lot from their advice. Any professional development depends on regular discussions with your colleagues. Unfortunately, marijuana is illegal in our country and the growers cannot share their experience openly and publicly in real life. Online communication offers a great alternative! Follow our forum and find information on traditional and innovative cannabis cultivation methods. Read this section about different kinds of substrate in cannabis cultivation.  

    Detailed grow reports 

    Our forum members are excellent growers willing to share their expertise and reveal secrets of cannabis cultivation. Read this section to learn about hydroponic methods of cannabis cultivation. You can read about the investments and rewards. You can learn how to build your own hydroponic system and what components you need for the hydroponic system. Hydroponic is a very efficient method for indoor cultivation. You can also read reports on outdoor and indoor cannabis cultivation. You can read recommendations of our forum members and share your own thoughts. In this section, you can ask questions and get answers from experienced growers. 
    Reading the reports from the experienced growers can help you learn important and interesting information. Here you can share your problems and ask for advice from growers with years of experience. 
    Many successful growers prefer the hydroponic method for cannabis growing. However, there are many requirements for the success in order to achieve desired quality and quantity of the crop. Read this section and share your reports on hydroponic cannabis cultivation.

    Read more reports on outdoor cannabis cultivation and avoid basic mistakes. Read the sections of our forum and learn about cannabis cultivation outdoors. Where should you plant? Where to hide and how to disguise your plants? How to avoid unwanted attention?  
    Many online stores offer a list of cannabis varieties and novelties. Making the right choice can be confusing so read this section and shares your thought on new cannabis hybrids. Your recommendations will help other people.

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  5. Reports on hydroponic cannabis cultivation

    Reports on hydroponics, the DVC, drop systems and more ...

    Cannabis growers build a friendly online community to support each other. Unfortunately, growers cannot openly discuss their experience in real life. Our forum is a great opportunity for like-minded people unite and discuss pressing problems. 
    Everybody knows that the right choice of lamps plays a crucial role in the cannabis cultivation. Check out this section for reports on lighting for marijuana plants.  Our members discuss which light spectrum is good for different stages and how to build a lighting system to increase the yield.
    If you are going to grow outdoors, please record the process and post picture in this section of our site. Your reports will be very interesting for beginners. In the reports with pictures everybody can find a huge amount of interesting information. 
    Ancient Greeks said that it is human to make mistakes. Failure is your step towards success if you learn form it.  Growers learn more from mistakes and failures than from success. In this section, you can post reports about your failures and mistakes. Perhaps your experience will save your colleagues from mistakes. Failures are inevitable but they are not fatal: you can always start form the scratch.

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  6. Reports on LED

    It is discussion of the best LED lamps.

    Communication is an important part of life and professional development. However, due to the fact that marijuana is illegal in our country, people cannot openly discuss their experience. Our forum gives you a great opportunity to post your reports and to discuss your experience
    The community of cannabis activists is growing: people want to unite and communicate with like-minded people in real life.  Communication helps to share experience and discuss some hot issues. We created this section of the website for you to post your reports in hydroponic methods of cannabis
    Read more reports about different types of substrates. Substrates offer great alternative to traditional soil. Read and compare reports on soil and substrates results. Share your report on outdoor cannabis cultivation. 

    Are you are successful grower? Do you want to show off your achievements? Do you want to share your joy with like-minded people who understand and appreciate your joy! Read and share the best reports on cannabis in this section. Let other growers be happy for you and learn from your experience in the field.

  7. Errors-seeds Reviews and Test Drives

    Let's review and test new cannabis varieties from Errors-seeds

    Do you want to share your achievements? Do you want to show how your grow cannabis buds form seeds? In this section, we invite you to share your reports on marijuana growing. Here you can share your ideas, express your opinion and ask professional advice
    We invite you to share your experience with participating in cannabis exhibitions and contests. Tell us about your excitement, tell us where you grow, tell us what kind of light you use or read the reports form your fellow forum members. 

    Read more reports on cannabis cultivation with drip irrigation systems. It is very interesting topic for those how like to grow indoor. You can share your report or read the recommendations from Jahforum members.
    Growing marijuana takes time and efforts. Mother Nature will take care of 30%: the rest depends on the grower! In this section, read or share reports on outdoor cultivation of cannabis.

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  8. Competitive Reports

    Read more reports submitted for the contests of our Forum.

    Each grower has some valuable experience and is willing to share it to protect the forum members from fatal mistakes. In this section, we invite you to submit your reports on cannabis cultivation so the forum community can discuss your progress.

    Unfortunately, the community of cannabis growers is too small and disconnected. We do not have the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people in real life. Online discussion can help you to understand the secrets of marijuana cultivation. Read and discuss the grow reports on the cannabis cultivation outdoor and you will get a much better idea about your own project. 

    We offer you the best reports on cannabis cultivation! Read them and find something interesting. In this section you can learn how to improve cannabis cultivation with drip irrigation, how to support healthy plants, how to build the drip irrigation system.
    Beginners and experienced growers share their interesting stories about cannabis. In this section you can read the best reports about outdoor cannabis cultivation. Share your stories and help others! Read stories of the forum members and leave your comment.

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  9. Completed Reports

    Read all reports (successful or not successful) in this section.
    Many growers want to share their experience and show off their achievements but it is not possible in real life. However, our online community gives your opportunity to share your reports in cannabis plants. It will be very interesting for many growers to learn from your experience. In your report describe weather conditions in your regions, record the progress of the growth, and document the results.  

    We believe our members have many interesting and instructive life stories. We invite you to share your best stories about marijuana growing in this section. Your stories will be interesting to other members because your stories describe your experience and skills.  
    Cultivating cannabis at home requires some knowledge, preparation and skills. You need to hide your hobby from your neighbors not to get in legal trouble. If you are a beginner and do not know how to grow cannabis at home you can always ask advice from other forum members. 

    Do you like experiments? Do you like trying new cannabis sorts, hybrids, and varieties?  Share your story about your attempt to grow new cannabis variety if it is interesting. We collect the best stories on testing new varieties of marijuana in this section.

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  10. Video Reports

    A picture is worth a thousand words! In this section we invite you to share video reports about your cannabis cultivation and usage. Here our members and visitors to Jahforum share their cannabis experiences in cannabis reports and stories. Everybody can find something useful or interesting in this category.
    We believe that competition drives success so we decide to promote innovative ideas and approaches in this section. We invite you to share and compare your contest reports on cannabis in this section. Make your report interesting to win the prize and recognition. Be a true champion!
    This section of Jahforum offers the best reports on marijuana cultivation by professionals. Such stories are y interesting for beginners because they can learn something useful.
    In this section you will find the best reports on cannabis cultivation in hydroponic systems.  We invite you to share your stories describing the process and results of cultivation. Our members can learn how to build a hydroponic system, what substrate to use, what type of lamp to use, what fertilizers. Success of marijuana cultivation depends on three basic elements: light, water and fertilizers. 

    Share your video reports as visual versions of your story. The video report can contain detailed video instruction, description of new cannabis variety, review of the fertilizer.  

    In this section of our site, we invite you to submit your video report on the cannabis cultivation. Your videos will help other growers to optimize their own cultivation process and achieve good results.

    Cannabis is illegal in Ukraine so we do not recommend to openly talking about the fact that you grow marijuana at home or in your garden. Most growers prefer to keep their secrets and they stay away from big groups of people. Sometimes, they feel lonely and disconnected because they lack communication. It is hard to find friends that share your passion. Our Jahforum is an excellent online space for communication of like-minded people.  

    We invite you to share a video report on how to plant seeds, how to handle seedlings, how to water, how you fertilize your cannabis plants. Tell us what methods you use and what types of soil you prefer. Tell us about weather conditions or lighting system you build for indoor plants.  

    Read more reports on cannabis in hydroponics systems in this section. The reports will help you to figure out the details of the hydroponics cultivation process and learn some secrets and life hacks from experienced growers.  

    Cannabis is a very resilient plant: it can survive in extremely unfavorable conditions. Sometimes, the growers overwater their plants or use too much fertilizer and kill them with love. You need to understand the systematic approach to cannabis cultivation. Read more reports from the forum members and learn how to create the ideal conditions for your marijuana plants indoor or outdoor.

    We collect reports on cultivation of marijuana by experienced growers so the beginners can learn from their stories. If you are newbie, we recommend reading such reports to learn how to organize your plantation, how to avoid mistakes and how to achieve maximum results.

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  11. Reports in progress

    Archive uncompleted reports.

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