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All gardeners are impatiently waiting for warm spring days to start growing their cannabis plants. An open-air method is one of the most popular because it is affordable and it delivers a high-quality product. Growing cannabis in the garden does not require additional expenses on artificial lighting, ventilation and air conditioning. Most experienced growers plan in advance, evaluate the weather conditions, and prepare the garden for cannabis planting.

Where to find a better place for growing?

Unfortunately, in many countries outdoor cultivation of cannabis is still illegal. You should consider your risks and rewards before you start your project. If you made up your mind, take some time and think about the best place for growing. Try to find the most inconspicuous place in the garden or orchard. Make sure that your plants will not be visible from the streets. Do you have high fencing around your backyard to protect your orchard from the prying eyes of neighbors? Some people are very curious and might want to know about your gardening and then report you to the police. The plot for cannabis has to be sunny: the plants do not develop well in the shade. If cannabis does not receive enough sun, the plants are crooked and weak. Your crop will be compromised. See, if you can plant cannabis behind some tall bushes so they blend in and do not attract unwanted attention. Green leaves will merge with the rest of the vegetation and nobody will get suspicion. Remember that Sativa cannabis plants grow tall while Indica tends to grow into smaller bushy plants.   

Choose when to start  

Growing cannabis outdoors is a very convenient way of cultivation. It will bring you good results but only if you do it right. Before you start planting and seeding, you should take time and calculate if the growing cycle of the chosen variety fits into the growing season. For example, if the summers in your area are short and cold, choose fast-growing varieties or auto-flowering kind of cannabis. Consider:  short summer daylight hours trigger the premature flowering. If you live in the regions with the short summer season, do not grow plants with a long growing cycle because your weed will not have time to ripen. Yes, you have to choose your variety of cannabis wisely and consider the regional weather conditions. Depending on the variety, the vegetation stage can last from 14 days to several months.  Longer the growing season means larger bushes with bigger and richer buds.

Plant cannabis seeds into the ground at the end of spring and at the beginning of summer when the weather is warm. It is the best time for planting in nature! Under favorable weather conditions, you can count on a good harvest. In order to grow cannabis outdoors, you can also use seedlings. When you use seedlings, they grow into strong and healthy bushes outdoors. The vegetation stage will take only about 30 days, after which the bushes will begin to bloom. During flowering, the plants are still growing and can add another 30 to 50% to the height.

How to care?

Watering is important for weed. You need to water the bushes once a day however on rainy days you should refrain from watering. If on hot days the temperature on the thermometer rises above 30°C, you should increase the frequency of watering up to two times a day. Try to water in the evenings because during the night the ground dries out slightly and provide excellent aeration. Proper fertilizing will have a positive impact on the plants. The choice of fertilizers is important: it supplies the plants with everything they need for growth and development. As you can see, weed farming is not much different from other vegetables. Even if you have a minimal experience you can count on good results.

Read more information on weed cultivation. You should learn more about indoor and outdoor growing. You should learn more about light and fertilizers for weed. In this category, you can learn about all nuances of cannabis cultivation. This section offers some tips for experts and beginners. Read forums, participate in discussions and learn more about weed growing. 

The choice of growing methods depends on many factors and conditions. You should decide where to buy quality cannabis seed and, how to build the grow tent, how to build a greenhouse. Find more tips in this category. If you do not find answers to your questions, try the section of questions for beginners. Forum of growers can give you answers and make your growing experience easier.

You want to grow healthy plants then you have to provide your plants with high-quality fertilizers. The modern garden stores sell wide variety of fertilizers: universal and specialized for different stages of growing. Fertilizers can multiply the crops.

There are many delicious and healthy recipes for cannabis edibles. Cannabis edibles are not only delicious but also useful. There are certain rules for culinary recipes. In this section, you can learn about how to cook various goodies from weed.


  1. For newbies

    Have you dreamed about your orchard for cannabis growing? Do you know where to start? You can find answers at Jahforum sections where experienced growers share their experience. How to choose a place in the garden? How to create a place in the garden? How to hide your garden from unwanted eyes? For more details, read our forum.

    We invite you to post and share your interesting stories about cannabis growing in the section for Newbies of our site.  Share with other members your experience, tips, and stories. Show off your results and recipes. Document the process and post some photos with your comments and recommendations. You can share your mistakes too and the forum will help you to find solutions in future work.

    When you decide to growing weed, you need to choose a variety. Before you start looking for a place in your garden, you have to choose and order seeds of the weed; you need to know more about marijuana varieties. In this section you can find more information about different varieties of cannabis and explanations how they differ from each other. Each variety has recommended type of cultivation: indoor or outdoor, greenhouse or green tents. Study and decide wisely to make the most correct choice.

    If you decide to try outdoor growing you need to define what kind of soil you have in your garden. Id the soil lacks some nutrients; it can cause decreased productivity and even the failure. Here you will find more information on how to choose soil. Read more about types of soil and learn more about good soil for weed growing.

    In this section, you will find answers to all frequently asked questions of growers.  You will learn more about your healthy plants and you will know how to fix the problem in a timely manner.

    Advice and recommendations will help you solve your problems with cannabis growing. Our forum is a source of reliable information from experienced and new growers.

    In fact, cannabis is easy to grow. To achieve success in weed growing and receive desired results, you should carefully study technical tips on marijuana growing.

    Experienced growers share their advice because they want to support the community of growers.


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  2. Questions and Answers

    Find outdoor place for weed growing is the most important task for every beginner. You should understand that the quality of the yield depends on your skills and expertise. There is not beginner luck in gardening. Read this section to learn how to choose a good place for your plants, how to fertilize, how to water and how to gather a delicious harvest in the end.

    In this section, we will discuss tips on cannabis growing for new growers. If you are new to gardening, read his section to find answers to most of questions that you will ask during the process. Find advice on how to choose the right lighting, organize watering and what fertilizer to choose for your plants at different stages. 

    If you decided to grow cannabis indoors, in order to be successful you have to organize the process in efficient and correct ways. It is important for your indoor plants to receive nutrients, water and light. You cannot hope for Mother Nature: you have to take responsibility and understand that everything is in your hands. Remember, that you have to find indoor place for growing that does not attract attention so that no one will know about your hobby.

    Are you a new grower? Do you have a green thumb? Are you looking for the right soil for cannabis growing? Read this section to find answers to all your questions. You will learn how to choose the right kind of soil for indoor growing, how to improve the quality of the soil, how to mix different substrates, how maximize your chances for success.

    Some growers are successful and enjoy delightful harvests while others kill their plants or grow weak and unproductive crop far from ideal. Here we share some secrets of marijuana growing to help accelerate your process and grow healthy and strong cannabis plants.

    What does the law of Ukraine say about growing cannabis? Surprisingly, in Ukraine cannabis cultivation does not always entail criminal liability and imprisonment. To find out more about what Ukrainian laws on marijuana possession, cultivation and legal consequences, read this section.

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  3. Technical advice

    How to organize the cultivation of cannabis outdoors? What methods to use for outdoor cultivation? Our experienced growers share tips and advice from their personal experience and knowledge. If you are a newbie who wants to achieve excellent results, read this section. If you are an experienced grower, you are welcome to share your experience or advice.

    International and domestic seed banks offer a wide range of cannabis seeds for customers to try their hand at growing indoors or outdoors. Some brands and varieties have the same or similar name but different seed banks have different seeds with different results because their mother plants were cultivated under different conditions and different phenotypes were used for seed breeding. Crossbreeding and selection of seeds is a challenging meticulous process. 
    Cannabis cultivation can be rather an expensive process if you buy commercial grade fertilizers. However, we can help you save money! You can significantly reduce the cost of growing marijuana with advice from this section. Here you will find the recipe for a home-made fertilizer for cannabis plants which will allow you to boost the growth of your plants, make them stronger and healthier.
    If you use a growing tent, box or a green house, you need a good air-filtration system. It is a safety requirement. Your air purification system depends on the carbon filters and you have to choose them with care. How to choose filters for air cleaning system? Read our advice and learn what you need to pay attention to not make the wrong choice.

    How many marijuana plants should you grow? The answer to this question depends on many factors. You have to decide for yourself. Read this section to find out more about the quantity of plants you can grow in certain spaces. If you want to maximize the usage of your space, this section will also be very useful for you.
    How to choose a substrate? What fertilizers to use? How to organize the lighting of plants? Read this section for answers from professionals and beginner growers and receive a textbook on marijuana growing.  Read this section for information regarding the proper organization of the cultivation indoors.

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  4. Legal section

    Laws, legal issues, legal advice 
    Cannabis growing is a fascinating topic. Many professionals and newbies prefer to grow their own weed using old-fashioned gardening methods for great results. Unfortunately, there are no magic formulas that will bring you fantastic yields; you have to put in your own efforts, skills and knowledge into growing. Read this section for discussion of different methods and life hacks. 
    Many expert marijuana lovers keep their secrets and do not want to openly share with peers. It is not because they are greedy bastards but because in Ukraine cannabis is still illegal and it’s growing can cause legal troubles. Online forums help to build the community o friends and openly discuss the process of weed growing. You can ask for advice or you can share your advice without any fear. 
    Usually, beginners are eager to try growing different varieties at once: they plant too many seedlings, they use small spaces, and they make mistakes. It is not surprising!  They need to learn how organize the cultivation process. You need to start with basics. Read this section to learn about first steps in cannabis growing, ask questions and get advice from experienced people.
    If you are a regular cannabis user, you experienced the problem of getting ready drug testing at least once in his life. You have to know how quickly cleanse your body of traces of weed. Yes, you can find many recipes and methods on Internet, but be careful: now all of them are reliable enough. In this section of our forum you can discuss your methods of getting ready for drug testing.  
    As you know, cannabis cultivation consists of several stages and you need to know some tips to achieve a great result and experience positive emotions. We bring to your attention the most interesting BOOKS ON CANNABIS GROWING where you can read advice of experienced experts. ‘
    Indica and Sativa are the two main types of cannabis with completely different effects. Thanks to the efforts of modern breeders, there are hundreds and thousands of hybrid varieties available for sale on the market. Each strain of cannabis has its own psychoactive effect on the body and mind. You can find out about the varieties of marijuana and their effect in this section.

  5. Books, Spreadsheet, Terminology

    Библия гровера, бридера и прочая гроу литература. Термины и выражения.

    Выращивание – уникальный процесс, который позволяет гроверу расти в профессиональном плане. Даже у многих опытных растениеводов в процессе работы возникает множество вопросов, которые приходится решать методом проб и ошибок. Чтобы неудачи свести к минимуму и добиться максимальных результатов, в этом разделе сайта вы можете точно узнать, как правильно организовать огород для посева каннабиса.

    При обустройстве гроубокса многие ошибочно уделяют мало внимания такому важному вопросу, как вентиляция. В этом разделе вы найдете информацию о том, как создать идеальную вентиляцию, которая обеспечит постоянный приток чистого воздуха вашим растениям и предупредит развитие плесневой инфекции. Кроме того, здесь вы можете узнать про угольные фильтры и борьбу с нежелательным запахом.

    В этом разделе мы собрали лучшие отчеты по выращиванию. Он одинаково интересен как опытным профессионалам, так и новичкам. Здесь вы сможете ознакомиться с самыми эффективными старыми и новыми методиками по выращиванию конопли, что расширит ваши знания и позволит подобрать, опробованный на практике оптимальный способ выращивания марихуаны. 

    Далеко не у каждого гровера есть возможность пообщаться с другими любителями канна-садоводства в реальной жизни, что может стать серьезной проблемой, если вам нужен совет. В этом разделе вы можете посмотреть, какие больше всего понравились другим гроверам, а также узнать о том, где можно приобрести семена самых урожайных сортов конопли. 

    Много лет назад мир конопли не отличался таким многообразием и ограничивался только наличием сативы, индики и рудералиса. Сегодня селекционерами созданы самые разные сорта, описания которых вы найдете на нашем сайте. Это поможет вам не потеряться в существующем разнообразии и правильно выбрать сорт, ведь каждое растение обладает определенными характеристиками и требует создания определенных условий для выращивания.

    Изначально конопля считалась сорным растением, ей был присущ крепкий иммунитет и колоссальная выносливость. Эти характеристики сохранили в себе и элитные сорта, но от них зачастую требуется не только выживание и размножение (последнее, наоборот, нежелательно, все любят сенсимилью), а хороший харвест. Как вырастить коноплю так, чтобы получить лучший урожай, вы узнаете в этом разделе.

  6. Cannabis Diseases

    Cannabis diseases, pests, infections and how to prevent it:  read more in this section
    Cannabis is a very resistant and strong plant: it can grow even in the most unfavorable conditions! However, if you want to grow and achieve a good yield, you have to create favorable conditions for your plants and know how to avoid problems in marijuana growing. Beginning growers have to learn a lot and usually they learn by a costly method of trial and error. It is safer and easier to learn from experienced professionals.
    Unfortunately, growing marijuana is prohibited in Ukraine that is why growers have to be careful and exercise caution. New and experienced growers developed many clever how to protect their cannabis plants from curiosity of people. Read this section to learn many clever tricks and methods how to organize weed growing, where to plant, how to care, how to disguise. Expert advice may save you from unnecessary worries and problems.

    Many experienced growers try their luck with breeding new varieties of cannabis. It is a very meticulous and exciting process that allows you to create your own unique strains of cannabis. If you decide to dabble in cannabis crossbreeding, you can find a huge amount of useful information in this section.

    Most growers run into a difficulty of figuring out what kind of marijuana equipment they need. Well, they say that the old-fashioned gardening tips are still working, but you can try some innovative and more advanced techniques as well. 

    Many beginners and experienced growers for some reason forget about insects that can ruin their crop. There are so many easy ways to prevent the problem to solve it. You have to ensure protection of your marijuana plants from pests. It is one of the most important stages in the cultivation of cannabis.

    If you are a beginner, you should read advice of more experienced peers, you should learn and explore the tips in cannabis cultivation. Here you can read some tips on cannabis growing from our friendly experts. 
    This section is a treasure box of experience of many growers: they share their secrets of success.

  7. Cannabis Varieties and Seed Banks

    Introduction to the best cannabis seed banks from Ukraine and the world!

    How to organize the cannabis growing in the garden so your neighbors do not know about your hobby? How to improve your chances for success? What fertilizers to use to grow strong and healthy plants?  Read this section of Jahforum and find the answers to numerous questions.

    It is problematic to find good quality seeds for growing indoors or outdoors. You cannot go to the supermarket and buy cannabis seeds there. Fortunately, you can go online and find domestic and international seed banks offering a wide range of famous brands and varieties. Our seed bank is recognized as one of the leaders in Ukraine: we offer you the hottest new products. We have the most complete collection of seeds.

    Do you have interesting experience of cannabis growing? Do you have a favorite variety? In this section you can share your story and photos with other growers. You can post a question and experienced professionals will give you solutions for your mistakes.

    All growers run into some problems while growing cannabis. You need to know about possible threats in order to recognize and neutralize them. Despite strong resistance, marijuana plants can get sick or infected. Read the section Cannabis Diseases and Treatment for a complete list and description of possible infections and diseases. You can learn about first symptoms, the type of pathogen. You can find out how to prevent or treat infections.

    Most growers choose the most high-yielding varieties of cannabis because they want to grow great crop. Productivity is an important factor! However, the cultivation of the most productive variety can fail if you do not comply with certain requirements. If you want t learn more about requirements, please read advice books about how to grow cannabis and how to protect your plants from various diseases.

    If you are a beginner in cannabis growing, sooner or later you will run into the problems, and you will look for ways of solving different problems with cannabis growing.  Read this section of the forum to learn how to organize the lighting, watering and feeding of plants. Read more information from this section to maximize your chances for success.

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