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Find outdoor place for weed growing is the most important task for every beginner. You should understand that the quality of the yield depends on your skills and expertise. There is not beginner luck in gardening. Read this section to learn how to choose a good place for your plants, how to fertilize, how to water and how to gather a delicious harvest in the end.

In this section, we will discuss tips on cannabis growing for new growers. If you are new to gardening, read his section to find answers to most of questions that you will ask during the process. Find advice on how to choose the right lighting, organize watering and what fertilizer to choose for your plants at different stages. 

If you decided to grow cannabis indoors, in order to be successful you have to organize the process in efficient and correct ways. It is important for your indoor plants to receive nutrients, water and light. You cannot hope for Mother Nature: you have to take responsibility and understand that everything is in your hands. Remember, that you have to find indoor place for growing that does not attract attention so that no one will know about your hobby.

Are you a new grower? Do you have a green thumb? Are you looking for the right soil for cannabis growing? Read this section to find answers to all your questions. You will learn how to choose the right kind of soil for indoor growing, how to improve the quality of the soil, how to mix different substrates, how maximize your chances for success.

Some growers are successful and enjoy delightful harvests while others kill their plants or grow weak and unproductive crop far from ideal. Here we share some secrets of marijuana growing to help accelerate your process and grow healthy and strong cannabis plants.

What does the law of Ukraine say about growing cannabis? Surprisingly, in Ukraine cannabis cultivation does not always entail criminal liability and imprisonment. To find out more about what Ukrainian laws on marijuana possession, cultivation and legal consequences, read this section.

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