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Leisure Time

You can find many pleasant tips on how to organize your leisure time on the topic of cannabis. We offer you a list of activities connected to the subject of cannabis such as news, films, music, and culinary recipes. Cannabis lovers discuss the advantages of different ways to smoke and trip. You can also read about legislation on marijuana in our country and get legal advice.
It is time for cannabis enthusiasts to create a friendly community of like-minded people. We invite you to join our forum and tell your stories about your cannabis experience. Cannabis cultivation requires patience, skills, and some knowledge. How else? You need to water, feed and care about your plants. You need to protect cannabis plants from infections, insects, parasites and diseases. It is very interesting project and many cannabis growers consider it to be their hobby with benefits. 

How to spend leisure time?

Cannabis growers are busy people working and making money. They consider cannabis cultivation their hobby: they learn new techniques; they devote time and invest money in their projects. Mixing fertilizers, building functional hydroponic systems, building lighting systems, preparing the substrate for cannabis cultivation is favorite pastime of many growers. Growers also like marijuana-related hobbies: collecting stamps, cups, t-shirts, photos, and souvenirs.

Cannabis growers have different interesting hobbies

In this section, we invite you to share your favorite hobbies and tell us how you like spending your leisure time. Truth to be told: growers are fascinating people. It is interesting to spend time with them and to participate in their favorite activities. Many growers have a rich life experience.

Best Fun Activities for Growers 

In this section, we invite you to share the fun activities that you organize with your friends in your free time. This section is devoted to fun and entertainment. It is not for discussing the problems in the process of cultivating marijuana. We advise you to switch to the relevant subsection of the forum if you want to discuss the color of marijuana leaves, drying temperature, quality of the buds. In this section we share fun stories about free time. Some growers have hobbies related to marijuana and some – not, we are equally interested in your stories. It will be interesting to learn about the scope of our members’ interests and hobbies. 
Talking about your hobbies, share your ideas and activities for leisure time. Perhaps, you will inspire other members to try and discover something new. Do you like woodcarving? Do you draw pictures? Do you dance or sing? Do you make jewelry designs?  Share your talents and inspire us. 

Tell us about your hobbies and show off your creativity!
Cannabis is a non-capricious plant: it can survive in desert and mountains. However, if you are interested in a good harvest, you should maximize cannabis genetic potential with proper care. Read the section “ Growing Cannabis from A to Z ” to learn secrets of cannabis cultivation and increase its productivity.
Professional cannabis growers often venture into cannabis breeding. They ask the question, "how to make new varieties of marijuana?" Read this section to learn where to start, what type of tool you need, where to get parental plants for breeding and crossing.


  1. Main

    The main section about everything

  2. Flood Chat

    People love chats, discussions and communication. Cannabis growers believe that experience exchange is an important component of professional growth.  We created this flood chat for a relaxed and comfortable communication in the circle of like-minded people. 

    Growing marijuana brings real pleasure if it is successful. Failures are upsetting and discouraging. When you discuss your failures with other forum members you can find solutions for many problems. We invite you to participate in the chats and talk to more experienced people and ask them for recommendations.  
    You can learn how other growers organized their projects and what results they achieved. Communication among cannabis enthusiasts is important for building a community. We invite you to share your funny and interesting stories about cannabis.

    Cannabis cultivation takes time, efforts and a lot of love and patience. It also requires some preparation. Growers are very pragmatic and practical people who believe in the results. Our life is busy and we have little time for communication. In addition, growing marijuana in our country is not legal, so we cannot openly share and discuss our issues with strangers.   

    In this section, we offer you to discuss many things related to marijuana: funny, serious, thematic stories. If you want to discuss some specific topic, please find a relevant section or use flood chat to create a thread.  
    We invite you to share and describe the fun activities that you do in your spare time. The members of Jahforum and visitors are interested in expanding their horizons. We are curious to learn more about your hobbies and interests. 

    Our Jahforum offers an online space for free and interesting communication about problems and joys, success and failures, interests and ideas. Who will understand you better than other growers?
    Many forum members are talented people: we are looking forward to hearing from you and invite you to show off your creativity.

    Regretfully, communication among cannabis growers is limited in real life because of legal issues. Sometimes, you can not be open with your neighbors, friends and even family. Online communication is an excellent alternative! Welcome on board of Jahforum! Here you can discuss various topics and have a wonderful time.

    Unfortunately, cannabis fans do not have many opportunities to communicate with other growers. We want every grower to join our friendly community at Jahforum! 

    Our section Fun Activities for Growers is entertaining and informative. Use this section to share your fun activities with forum members. 

    Growers have many interesting and exciting hobbies besides cannabis cultivation: stamp collection, knitting, drawing, ballet dancing, boxing, and numismatics. We invite our members to share stories about their hobbies in this section and discuss your fun activities with other visitors of Jahforum.

    You can find much interesting information on the marijuana topic in this section. Unfortunately, the growers have to keep their secrets because sharing it can cause are problems with the law. We offer you the online alternative to real life communication at JahForum: you can share your experiences, exchange seeds, or tell stories about cannabis.

    We know that a combination of love, talent and desire can work wonders. Many growers are very handy and build equipment for cannabis growing with their own hands. They are also good at crafts and art projects using cannabis leaves, buds or seeds. If you are an artist and want to show off your work, please share your achievements in this section.

  3. Healthy Lifestyle

    Health is the key to success. Healthy lifestyle for healthy people!

    People need to socialize and communicate but growers cannot openly discuss their hobby! Unfortunately, cannabis is illegal in our country, far from all growers can discuss their hobby. We created this section of the website to share favorite activities of growers. Here you can talk and discuss with other growers a variety of topics.
    Today there are many different varieties of cannabis with advantages and disadvantages. In this section, you can get advice on choosing cannabis seeds.  
    Hobbies should bring joy and pleasure! If your hobby is related to cannabis, you are lucky. It is fascinating and useful and brings positive emotions. In this section you can discuss your cannabis hobbies. 
    The long time ago every experienced grower was a beginner. In this section we invite beginners to ask questions and get advice from professionals.  
    Cannabis has medical potential because it treats symptoms of many diseases. Cannabis is recommended for treating stress and depression. 
    Everybody knows the difference between medical cannabis, recreational cannabis and agricultural hemp. When you choose seeds, keep the classification in mind. You also should remember that in many countries marijuana is defined as a soft drug and you can fail a test for drugs if it is required by your top management like for example for police or flight attendants. 
    If you have to pass the drug test, you need to know how to clean your body off cannabis traces. 

    How to remove traces of marijuana from the body?

    In this section, you can find out how to clean your body of cannabis traces, if you need to pass drug tests. You need to prepare if you want to pass the drug test. There are several methods of how to clean your body. Keep in mind that doctors say that removing CBD and THC from the body takes time and not all methods are effective. 
    Crowing cannabis is a wonderful hobby but it is not the only hobby of our members. Read this section to find out how many growers prefer to spend their leisure time. In this section we invite you to share your activities and favorite pastimes. 

    What are your hobbies? Many growers have hobbies related to cannabis. Some draws, some writes fascinating stories, some make things and amulets from seeds. We invite you to share the results of your cannabis-themed creativity in this section! 

    Beginners need support and inspiration from the experienced forum members so your stories can be very helpful. We invite you to share your recommendations for medical cannabis and how to use it for different health problems.

  4. Humor

    This section contains cannabis-themed humor. 

    Discussion and communication with the grower’s online community of like-minded people is an important part of professional growth. We invite you to share your achievements, recommendations and advice, observations and reports in this section of Jahforum.

  5. News

    This section contains the latest news about marijuana. 

    Let's discuss the latest events and news related to cannabis, for example the legalization of marijuana, marijuana innovations, equipment, and exhibitions. People are interested in the results of the latest medical research on marijuana potential.

    The growers are a friendly bunch of people willing to support and inspire each other. Many beginners find useful information from the stories of the experts. Cannabis cultivation is a great opportunity to socialize with like-minded people, share personal experience and learn the secrets of experienced gardeners.
    Every experienced grower knows that buying quality seeds is not easy. We invite you to discuss places where you buy cannabis seeds in this section of Jahforum. 
    In Ukraine, cannabis is not a legal drug that is why the cultivation of marijuana is illegal. If you grow marijuana you need to be careful. You need to think about your personal security and safety of your plants.  
    Ancient mankind discovered the healing properties of cannabis that is considered a sacred plant in many cultures. We invite you to read more historical information about cannabis and learn more about the possibilities and useful properties of marijuana. You will be surprised by interesting and unusual facts on the topics of this section.

    Current news writes the history of today: there are many interesting international events related to cannabis and in this section, you can read the hottest news about marijuana. You should read more about problems with marijuana legalization in many countries, about cannabis festivals and holidays, cannabis products and innovations. Many growers are interested in technical innovations and equipment.  We are happy to publish news about the progress towards legalization or decriminalization in progressive countries. 

    Many countries view the legalization of marijuana as a pressing issue. Progressive governments understand that marijuana should be removed from the list of controlled substances and drug. Doctors prove the medical potential of marijuana and support its legalization at least for the medical use to treat many diseases.

    In this section you can read the latest news about cannabis, find out details of legalization progress in many states. Most growers support the legalization of cannabis. It is a sign of progress that in Ukraine we started to discuss the issues related to cannabis legalization in media space.  

    In this section, you can read about technical innovations, new methods of marijuana cultivation, and other novelties of the cannabis industry. 

    In this section, we have collected different cannabis-related news for beginners and professionals. It is always interesting to read an article about the international cannabis festival or to read a scientific report on clinical studies.  

    We invite all our members and visitors to learn more about the cannabis industry, types and methods of cannabis cultivation, different problems and their solutions, selection of cannabis seeds and other interesting topics.  

    Unfortunately in Ukraine cannabis is illegal so the supporters, users, growers and enthusiasts are afraid of criminal punishment when they reveal their secrets. Online communication is an excellent alternative to real-life communication.

  6. More about weed in our life

    Marijuana can be cultivated in all weather conditions. Indoor and outdoor you can get excellent results if you devote some time to caring for your plants. Growing marijuana is a lot of work and a great hobby. Many growers are so involved that they have cannabis-themed hobbies. 

    We invite you to share interesting hobbies, activities, and ways to spend your leisure time in this section of Jahforum. We invite you to describe how you prefer to spend your free time and discuss your leisure activities with other members of the forum. Perhaps, you will meet many friends with a similar interest in this section.  

    In addition, we invite you to ask questions in this section, as well as tell us about your experience of using weed. Share your favorite recipes with the community members and spread the good news.  

    Unfortunately, cannabis is illegal in our country and growers have limited opportunity to communicate in real life. We created JahForum as an online communication platform for all your needs.
    In this section, you can describe and share interesting life hacks related to weed.  Check our interesting and useful suggestions in this section and learn from experienced growers.  

    There are so much bias and negative stereotypes and myths in society, but all cannabis enthusiasts are ready to support cannabis legalization and spread truthful information based on scientific research. People need to consider a full range of opinions and views on cannabis to form their own attitude. In this section, you will express and share your own opinion, thoughts and views about this unique plant.

    Marijuana growers know that marijuana plants are aesthetically beautiful and medically useful. Foodies love cooking with cannabis because from culinary point of view, you can prepare tasty and healthy edible products with cannabis. 

    In this section, you can ask professional advice about ways to use cannabis. If you are a beginner read advice and recommendations on varieties, seeds, ways to smoke, edibles and so on. You can also post a request for help and offer jobs in the cannabis-related industry. You can share your problems and joys with other forum members.  

    Communication is an integral part of human life. We created this website for cannabis growers, enthusiasts and friends to make their life more interesting because they can communicate with like-minded people and tell interesting stories about marijuana. You can also chat here on topics of interest.  

    The world of marijuana is quite diverse. We offer a wide range of topics related to cannabis in this section of our forum. Here you can discuss designs for t-shirts and other clothes, as well as various household items. Here you can read about bongos, grinders, hookahs and other accessories for weed smoking.
    Like most people, cannabis growers want to communicate with their friends. We invite you to discuss any form of entertainment and fun related to cannabis in this section of the site. 
    Growers love marijuana growing for different reasons: some of them make money on commercial cultivation. In this section you can post and read many interesting job offers. Are you looking for a job in the cannabis industry? Are you an experienced grower? Do you look for help with your indoor facility?

  7. Hobbies and Fun Activities

    Stories about fun, entertainment and everything connected.

    There are so many creative and fun hobbies: cycling, knitting, stitching, embroidery, gardening, painting, collecting different things like old coins, butterflies and even buttons. The central hobby of each cannabis growers is, of course, related to marijuana.   
    In this section, we invite you to discuss your main and secondary hobby, interests and fun activities with other members of the forum. Online communicate provides anonymity so you do not have to worry about your personal security and share your thoughts freely and openly. Beginners are interested in the different tips, methods and details of indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. We invite you to share your security procedures; ways and life hack to secure your plants.

    Here you will find a friendly and attentive community of forum members willing to read your story, give support and encouragement. 

    Cannabis growing is an amazing occupation with pleasant moments. We invite you to share your stories about growing marijuana and photos of your plants from the seedling to flowering and harvesting in this section. Share your experience, describe your skills, and post pictures of your DIY equipment. You can also discuss other hobbies that are not related to cannabis cultivation. 

    We created this section of Jahforum to generate more ideas for fun and entertainment for cannabis growers.  We invite you to share the reports on how you spend your weekends, holidays and vacations. Unfortunately, cannabis enthusiasts and supporters cannot openly share their views and opinions in the everyday public sphere. They miss an opportunity to communicate with like-minded people. We created this section of the JahForum for the open discussion of any questions related to cannabis. 

    We invite you to share your best reports and stories about marijuana. Everybody: beginners and professionals will find useful information here. 

    Humans like to make friends because they want to share joys and sorrows. Friendship and communication is an important part of human life. Our friendly community of cannabis growers is ready to give you a helping hand and an attentive ear. 

    We created a section devoted to fun activities of cannabis growers because life without fun is boring. In Ukraine, marijuana is illegal so growers cannot organize into gardening clubs and meet for discussions. We invite you to join our community and discuss your interest and topics with Jahforum members.

    You will find many members with similar hobbies: perhaps gardening, perhaps baking, perhaps painting, perhaps numismatics. Our members have a variety of hobbies besides cannabis cultivation! In this section you can talk about your hobbies with other visitors Jahforum'a.
    This section of the site is devoted to the best marijuana cultivation stories from Jahforum members. Here you can find interesting, useful and instructive stories about cannabis growing experience.  
    It is difficult to make a choice for many people when they are faced with many options. There are so many seeds, sorts, and hybrids of cannabis! It is difficult to figure out what seeds to buy. How to find your quality seeds? This section contains the best tips on the selection of cannabis seeds to help you make the right choice.

  8. Entheogens

    All about Entheogens and their cultivation

    Communicating with like-minded people is great fun for Grover in his free time. We have created this section of the forum specifically so that you can contact other growers at any time convenient for you and chat on a variety of topics. Here you can share life stories and discuss Grover’s leisure.

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  9. Cannabis Geography

    We learn about geography of cannabis
    Each grower encounters some problems in cannabis cultivation and looks for solutions. Sometimes you need help, advice and recommendation form experienced members of the cannabis community. We created this forum so you can find reliable information quickly and effectively solve all the problems.  In this section you can ask for professional advice.

  10. Feedback

    Discussion of bans and moderators' actions

  11. Jah литература

    Information about printed materials 

  12. Jah Events

    We announce Jah festivals and other events

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